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Last key :)

This game is so cruel but strangely I really enjoyed myself, very cool game made in a short amount of time, defiinitely worth the play.

This was a short and simple, but oddly amusing game that reminded me I like to collect things. Maybe a prequel could be made someday where you're going around piling all the keys up, heh. Good job on this.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I played your game and I made a video of it, hope that's okay. I found this game very frustrating. But it's a pretty cool concept.

hit hard

Thanks for the game! It actually drove me into insanity and to become sick! But love the game!

This game truly did test my patience but it was also a great way for me to unwind and just have a chat with my audience. Great game! 

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Such a wonderful game :D

After 281 tries the music gets a little stale

i legit got it in one try XD

How do I go back to the main menu?

I beat the game with 6 keys gg.

I got surprisingly lucky the first time... definitely couldn't replicate it tho :(

Here's my lets play! (I'm so glad there wasn't levels, and you walked down to another closed door that required you to find another key!

this game was absolutely brilliant! love little games like this and i hope games are made like these more often! very good job on creating this!

I tried my hand at SPEEDRUNNING 293 KEYS! 

Well, I wish it lasted longer than 37 seconds but

It took forever to find that key

lol on my first try I got it after 10 tries

7 mins 94 it was a square key


I'm never ever this lucky!

Wellp...this game will surely test your patience! Hope you enjoy this lets play!

Boy, this game sure tests your patience!!! <3

Interesting to see what makes a game a game! Cool and easy concept. :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Soooo many keys!!!

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A nice little time waster game...


fuck off bitch.

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