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A nice little time waster game...


fuck off bitch.


fuck off bitch.


fuck off bitch.


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fuck off bitch.

I think I got lucky with my playthrough.

100 tries, 7 minutes

downloaded the game, unlocked the door on my twelfth try, uninstalled the game

total play time: 1:30


I'm not sure what I expected, but I had fun nonetheless :P

Got it under 6 minutes!

I'm guessing I just got super lucky haha! I really liked this game it's so simple and super charming! Great job to the developers


226 tries here. took 20 mins!

Beaten in 12 minutes

i swear i meant seconds

holy crap!

Got it third try...

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The game is cool, but I found a glitch...

saw the game from a video. downloaded it....

That was amazing, you know how to make a simple game very entertaining, loved it all. If I see it on Gamejolt I will vote for it there too. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


First try.

If you spam jump against the edge of the door frame, you can climb up out of bounds and run into the end room. Beat it in 0:12, 0 tries. GG

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I did it.


You can spam jump against the wall and jump over the whole thing.

Why would you do this? What consumed you to create this? I played it, but I may have lost something in the process.

Thanks for the game? Maybe?

nice game it took me 20 min to find the key lol

Too many keys, why are there so many keeeeeeys!

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20 keys 1:58 seconds.....great

Nice idea!


I love this game! Simple, visually nice, relaxing and just great! I found my key in 5mins with 67 keys searched, take a look!

I made it in a good time

I think that was lucky

Recorded a little video of your game, hope you enjoy it :)

It's really impressive for 24 hours :D

I played this, it was fun

I tried to play this, but the keys were bugging out.

The first 15 or so were fine, but then the keys starting "ejecting" more keys from the lock than I entered. For example, I would pick up a key, and try it. Then I would watch the lock "try" anywhere from 2 to 6 random keys that I didn't even pick up, increasing the pile of keys under the lock exponentially with each key attempt.

This completely ruined the game, as trying 293 keys is tedious enough without having to watch 5 imaginary keys conjured out of thin air try to unlock the door as well each time. I was down for the tedium, but with this bug, I just can't dedicate the time

Very fun. :)

Two suggestions:

1. Your first person controller is very slide-y. There are a number of really good (free!)ones out there that don't have the issue where it keeps moving for a few hundred milliseconds after you let go. Was super scary until I understood that I couldn't fall off. :)

2. Make a VR version. :D

A very enjoyable amount of keys!!!

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